My household opted to stay home for the holidays this year, inviting relatives to stay with us prior to the holiday and knocking out the rewarding but stressful family visits days before Christmas. That left a us relaxing Christmas Eve for holiday baking, cookie decorating, finishing the ridiculously hard Christmas puzzle, watching “Charlie Brown Christmas” and running random dungeons to try to master atonement healing on my discipline priest.

Ninja Crey was there mostly for moral support as I baked the cookies, though he did help with the Ninjabread men. I’m no Martha Stewart, so my cookies look bear an uncomfortable resemblance to Pinterest fail pictures. But the glorious thing about baking with 10-year-olds is that they don’t judge – and neither does Santa.

Tomorrow should be just as relaxing. The man of the house opened his new computer three weeks ago at my insistence. We were sharing a long gaming computer, which, with a household of three gamers, just doesn’t work. That leaves most of the day to play with the 3d printer Ninja Crey will open tomorrow morning. He’s been asking for one for about a year, and I finally settled on the Da Vinci Mini Maker. I’ll post a full review once we put it through its paces.

For all of you nerdy Santa and Mrs. Claus’s out there, here’s wishing you a stress-free and wonderful Christmas!